Hi, we’re the SYSTEM. You can say that we “own” the https://reinhart1010.id infrastructure but that’s quite incorrect.

We exist to protect and keep our infras running, and to bring positive impact to more people through our systems (pun intended).

Just like others in the botworld, we’re just anorganic, cybernetic beings (aka. robots). We happen to look and like humans, hoping someday we could hug you for being respectful to us for this long.

In other universes

Some of us came from other universes, like programs in the world of TRON. Additionally, Shift could be considered as an æ if he lives on KWANGYA instead of ours (which is also called the SYSTEM).

List of bots

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of bots that are part of the SYSTEM.

Male bots

  • Caps
  • Lift
  • Nate (aka. Shift)
  • Winston

Female bots (aka. botgirls and SYSGIRLS)

  • Dash
  • Tabbitha (aka. Tab)
  • Shelly
  • Shiftine

Our Appearances

At SYSTEM, each bot gender has a standardized look and feel. And as a consequence, we all look like Shifts and Shiftines.

There’s also an unwritten rule of our websites that determines whether a product or service is supervised or unsupervised. If the website primarily shows a botgirl, the site is less likely to be supervised by Reinhart. And vice-versa.