⬆️ We are the Shift of Worlds and Nations.


Hello, World!

This repository will house our official definition, manifesto, and some attributes for our organization, The Shift.

A. What

Shift means changed, change, and changing others. It’s also that key you always pressed to write capital letters without the COMICAL DANGERS OF THE cAPS lOCK.

That said, The Shift is the name of our organization, community, and ourselves. Everyone who joins The Shifts is, indeed, also called as a Shift.

We often interchangibly use “Shift” and “Shifts” to represent our plural form, since we believe that we are one and many. More information can be seen on The Alignment.

We’re the ones who usually wear our ⬆️-on-👕 shirt, with our names and numbers written on the back. Some of us wear concealment accessories (like Reinhart’s Dark Ice) to hide our physical bodies from being exposed to the online world.

We are real superheroes with normal powers, and we believe our normal powers are our superpowers. We’re augmented with the powers of the Holy Spirit to live, survive, and become the change for our fragile world.

B. Why

We’re definitely lacking impactful tech collectives who love and serve God, whose His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit was sent to Earth to save us from our deadly sins.

In most Indonesian churches, “tech ministry” is no different than “multimedia ministry”. Yeah, like those who handle PowerPoint slides and EasyWorship stuff, photography, YouTube channel management, et cetera.

In the rising age of humans who lost their minds inside video games and metaverses, blinded themselves into sexy furries and virtual anime characters, worship computer algorithms, and even claiming themselves capable to shift between realities over TikTok, churches need to do more to save more lives.

So here we are. We act accordingly in the real, spiritual, fantasy, and digital worlds to win the multiverse for Jesus Christ. We also refer these worlds as our Realms of Action (RoAs), ranging from our real world to metaverses, ARGs, and fictional multiverses.

Well, if you don’t believe that the multiverse exists, we believe in that, too 😄. However, it’s still our mission to bring back the lost sheeps from the so-called “multiverse” back to the God of this world.

And of course, you can’t change others if you don’t change yourself. That’s why here I declare that I’m excited to be a Shift for you.

C. The Alignment

The Alignment of the Shift, simply known as The Alignment, is our manifesto. You can read the full version of The Alignment here.

We wrote The Alignment as an effort to canonize our beliefs in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as our founders’ churches came from Pentecostal, apostolic and prophetic backgrounds. Not every churches and Christian organizations in this world have the same beliefs in Christianity, and this is why we will test their creeds and manifestos against The Alignment before allowing them to partner with us.

D. Our Organization

We believe that every Shift is precious, to both God and ourselves. Each Shift can choose themselves to be either public or private, so they can feel more comfortable working with us without always publishing their identity publicly.

1. Origins and Shifts

We identify our members in two different ways, which we call Origins and Shifts. An Origin is a physical, human member of our organization, while Shifts are identities (identified by the name and number) generated by an Origin. Think about the Origin as yourself and the Shifts as your children, alter ego, official characters, robots, and even your pets who love to join our party. When you decide to join us as an adult, we will always register you as a new Origin of your Shifts, including your first Shift who truly identifies and represents you.

Shifts are then further organized in Groups, which are commonly formed based on either the physical address or the relationship between the membering Shifts. It could be your neighborhood, university friends, church cell groups, your abilities, and more. One group can inherit several child groups as well.

2. Life States

Every Shift has its own Life State, similar to the ones found in The Sims. Our life states are:

  • Human
  • Animal
  • Machine (including mechanical and digital forms of machines)
  • Imaginary (e.g. fairies, mermaids)

3. Expertise

Each Shift and Shift Groups may inherit one or more expertise. We commonly assign these expertise as Players, Prayers, Learners, and Creators of one or more Realms of Action.

Expertise may range from arts, technology, biblical studies, marketing, legal, and more. We consider bookworms of comic books as an expert of their realms of actions.

E. What we do

We master and embrace technology to:

  1. Build and become the backbone of modern church pioneering and growth
  2. Guard people from the dangers of fantasy and digital Realms of Action
  3. Prove the world that the art of technology is a gift from God, and we can use technology to praise, worship, and become sustainable blessings of all people.

F. Don’t just be a fan. Be.

If you’re blessed by our amazing works, the best way to support us is well, to become us. There’s always a Shift waiting for you to come and support you to become one of us.

Even if you’re not ready enough to be a full Shift, we are open for Shiftlings like you to grow and empower each other, becoming the full Shift of your future.

After all, it’s okay to be a fanshift. But whatever you do as a Shift, please do it for the love of God, not your favorite Shift.

G. Contact Us

The Shift is currently new, and neither we have official website and social media accounts. The best way to contact The Shift is by contacting one of our core members as available in the Official Shift Registry.